Top 10 Sexy Zambian Female Artists

Top Sexy Zambian female artists

Due to popular demand, we decided to finally drop the most requested list. So without further do, here is our Top 10 sexy Zambian Female artists. We based our judgement not only on looks alone but on relevancy as well. If you agree or disagree with our list, please let


The current drought being experienced in Zambia spells a possible poor harvest. Most farmers have expressed worries at the prolonged dry spell. Beside farmers, politicians like Edith Nawakwi have joined in registering their concerns over the situation. Ms Nawakwi posted a photo on her Facebook page showing withering maize of

Zambia: Love Affairs Without The Locals

The latest tourist video (see below) of Zambia extols the virtues of this country, that is shaped like a butterfly or a heart that’s about to be broken. I understand the essence of the voiceover, given in its American drawl that is as dissimilar as you can get from the