19 Year Old Murders Boy At Nyau Traditional Camp

19 Year Old Murders Boy At Nyau Traditional Camp.

A 19- YEAR- OLD man has murdered a 15- year- old boy of Sinda district at a “ Nyau” traditional camp called Dambwe in Chief Mbangombe’s area.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga identified the deceased as Leonard Mwanza of Mukuwamba village in Chief Mbangombe’s area while the suspect has been identified as Jacob Zulu of the same village.

“ It is alleged that on June 30, 2016 around 09: 00 hours whilst at a Nyau traditional camp known as Dambwe within the same village, the deceased insulted Jacob Zulu who then picked a stone and hit him ( Leonard) on the head.

“ He sustained a deep cut which caused severe bleeding and was then taken to Saint Francis Mission Hospital where he was admitted and later died on July 1, 2016 at 18: 00 hours. The body is lying in the hospital mortuary in Katete awaiting an autopsy examination,” Mr Hamoonga said.

He said in a statement yesterday that the assailant has been apprehended and is in police custody.

In a related development, Mr Hamoonga said police have instituted investigations into a suicide report which occurred on July 2, 2016 at 19: 00 hours.

He said Aggrey Mbewe, 36, of Navutika township in Chipata reported the matter to police that his young brother Lackson, 28, of the same township had committed suicide by cutting himself on the neck using a knife.

Mr Hamoonga said the deceased was seen by a tenant at the same address who later reported to the elder brother ( Aggrey) that she had seen the deceased ( Lackson) behind the house of her mother who is the owner of the premises.

“ Upon hearing the report of his young brother committing suicide, Aggrey rushed to the scene of crime and found his young brother lying in a pool of blood with a deep cut on his neck and the knife was found next to the body,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said Aggrey later took the body to Chipata Central Police Station where police physically inspected the deceased’s body and found that it had a deep cut on the neck and that the knife, which Lackson used, was blood stained.